Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"A Fresh Anointing for His Bride" by Eileen Fisher

I wanted to share this prophecy with anyone who is interested. It comments on the Church as a bride. I found it to be a beautiful parallel between my experience of preparing to be a bride and understanding who I am in Christ. Here is the shortened version-

Eileen Fisher: "A Fresh Anointing for His Bride"

She Confidently Walks

And He said, "The Bride is one who has full understanding of what she carries. The Bride is the one who has full understanding of what she is going to walk in. The Bride is the one who knows the position, and the responsibility, and the authority of her Husband, so she simply walks in what is given to her because of the name-change over her."

"I have heard the cries of My people, but I say unto you, that the hour of authority is about to be released upon My people, and it will be that they no longer are desolate, or have the appearance of desolation. "For My Bride who feels as though she has been disabled, is changing. And I will not have a disabled Bride, but instead I will have a Wife, who will learn to rule and reign in Christ Jesus, from sitting in Heavenly places in My position," said the Lord.

Pearls of Great Revelation and Discernment

"There is going to come, also, a string of pearls to be put upon My Bride, and it will be the necklace of pearls that will bring forth greater revelation, and will bring forth greater and greater discernment." And He said, "These pearls will be of great value and she will immediately start to gain strength. The strength will show through her tired eyes, because her eyes will really become the windows of the soul, and will no longer carry tiredness, but they will become the discerning eyes that will stomp down and break down the lies that the Bride has believed."

He said, "The Bride is being awakened." And, He said, "There is coming forth over the Bride, a full realization of who she is in Christ Jesus. This is going to be the hour where she is going to come to understand My Presence, and the accuracy and the power of My Word."

Rediscovery of Who You Are

The Lord said, "This will be the year of captivating wholeheartedly the hearts of My people.
He said, "This will be a season for those who are holding on to Me, who will let go of some of the pain, and some of the guilt, and some of the shame - and they will put it at the foot of the Cross and know and realize it has been paid for - and they will declare, once again, that Jesus Christ is Lord. They will make a far, far, fuller and deeper commitment to Me."

I saw a Bride, and as she was sitting there on her bed, waking up slowly - coming fully awake, little did she realize as she was stretching, her arms were upward, and the Father's hand of favor was reaching downward, granting her her heart's desire.

"This will be the year of fulfillment," said the Lord. "The Bride, who is weary from the battle she's been fighting, will be refreshed as she places her feet on the floor. And as she's looking for her combat boots, she will not find her combat boots. Instead, she will find her shoes - pure, white and ready - that will match her bridal gown," says the Lord.

Two Angels Attending the Bride

Then I saw two angels and this beautiful Bride was surprised at receiving such royal treatment. One angel was so full of confidence, placing the shoe on the Bride. And suddenly, as the shoe was placed upon the Bride's foot, she began to know - without any understanding of her own - the revelation of who she was in Christ Jesus, the power of her prayers, and how they were answered. The result of the first shoe was the transfer of confidence into the Bride's heart - immediately she felt safe, loved and totally secure.

The second angel picked up the other shoe, and as he was waiting to put it on the Bride's foot. Suddenly, without feeling anything, the Bride realized both shoes were on her feet and she immediately felt the desire to run the race that she had once run.

The Bride stood still, as though she was waiting for instructions. Both angels simultaneously looked at the small table by the Bride's bed, and they stared intensely at the Bible laying on top of it, next to the Bride. The Bride picked up the Bible and it began to dissolve and melt, changing into the wedding band upon the Bride's finger.

And her word was so entwined with the Flesh that they become one. Then the Bride began to bend down in worship and adoration, for she began to realize who she was in Christ Jesus.

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