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Recycling your wedding!

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There are plenty of leftovers once the “I Do’s” have been said and guests trickle out of the reception. So what do you do with the excess party favors, programs, food, plastics, and decorations? You can donate or recycle them! Make your wedding charitable and make somebody's day!

Collaborate with your caterer and make a food donation to a local food bank, drop-in center, hospice, or senior center. If you need to advocate your idea remind your caterer that their generosity can be tax deductible. Here are some things to consider:

  • Place food in clean plastic bags, plastic containers or boxes.

  • Perishables should be refrigerated; other recyclable materials must be separated.

  • Food must also be edible—if dressing has been poured over a salad, for example, it won’t be worth eating the next day.

  • To make a donation, look online or through your phone book to find a local Food Bank or call organizations to make advance arrangements.

  • Call your local recycling center to arrange a pickup of plastic bottles, glass, metal and paper. And don’t forget if you do plan on recycling, the cost for extra garbage containers can be cut.
Couples spend so much time and money on their wedding's floral decor, it's a shame everything's only used once. Instead of throwing your flowers away, arrange for them to be delivered to an assisted living center or hospital! The links below can help you find a local place to donate. Ask a friend or faimly member to help make the deliver happen once the wedding is over.

Here is some more informatin I've found that may be helpful for the charitbale couple:

The I Do Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring a charitable focus to special life events. The Foundation helps engaged couples raise charitable wedding donations through three channels:

Gift Registry: When couples register with our partners-including Target, Linens 'N Things and to 8% of all spending is donated.Travel: The I Do Foundation's partner, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, donates 5% of all honeymoon packages.

Donation Registry: With our flexible Donation Registry, guests can make a donation directly to charity in place of, or in addition to, traditional gifts.

Favors for Charity: The Favors for Charity program allows couples to make donations in honor of their guests in place of (or in addition to) traditional favors.

To learn more, visit or contact Customer Service.

If you have any other suggestions concerning donations or recycling please post your thoughts!!!

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