Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"A Fresh Anointing for His Bride" by Eileen Fisher

I wanted to share this prophecy with anyone who is interested. It comments on the Church as a bride. I found it to be a beautiful parallel between my experience of preparing to be a bride and understanding who I am in Christ. Here is the shortened version-

Eileen Fisher: "A Fresh Anointing for His Bride"

She Confidently Walks

And He said, "The Bride is one who has full understanding of what she carries. The Bride is the one who has full understanding of what she is going to walk in. The Bride is the one who knows the position, and the responsibility, and the authority of her Husband, so she simply walks in what is given to her because of the name-change over her."

"I have heard the cries of My people, but I say unto you, that the hour of authority is about to be released upon My people, and it will be that they no longer are desolate, or have the appearance of desolation. "For My Bride who feels as though she has been disabled, is changing. And I will not have a disabled Bride, but instead I will have a Wife, who will learn to rule and reign in Christ Jesus, from sitting in Heavenly places in My position," said the Lord.

Pearls of Great Revelation and Discernment

"There is going to come, also, a string of pearls to be put upon My Bride, and it will be the necklace of pearls that will bring forth greater revelation, and will bring forth greater and greater discernment." And He said, "These pearls will be of great value and she will immediately start to gain strength. The strength will show through her tired eyes, because her eyes will really become the windows of the soul, and will no longer carry tiredness, but they will become the discerning eyes that will stomp down and break down the lies that the Bride has believed."

He said, "The Bride is being awakened." And, He said, "There is coming forth over the Bride, a full realization of who she is in Christ Jesus. This is going to be the hour where she is going to come to understand My Presence, and the accuracy and the power of My Word."

Rediscovery of Who You Are

The Lord said, "This will be the year of captivating wholeheartedly the hearts of My people.
He said, "This will be a season for those who are holding on to Me, who will let go of some of the pain, and some of the guilt, and some of the shame - and they will put it at the foot of the Cross and know and realize it has been paid for - and they will declare, once again, that Jesus Christ is Lord. They will make a far, far, fuller and deeper commitment to Me."

I saw a Bride, and as she was sitting there on her bed, waking up slowly - coming fully awake, little did she realize as she was stretching, her arms were upward, and the Father's hand of favor was reaching downward, granting her her heart's desire.

"This will be the year of fulfillment," said the Lord. "The Bride, who is weary from the battle she's been fighting, will be refreshed as she places her feet on the floor. And as she's looking for her combat boots, she will not find her combat boots. Instead, she will find her shoes - pure, white and ready - that will match her bridal gown," says the Lord.

Two Angels Attending the Bride

Then I saw two angels and this beautiful Bride was surprised at receiving such royal treatment. One angel was so full of confidence, placing the shoe on the Bride. And suddenly, as the shoe was placed upon the Bride's foot, she began to know - without any understanding of her own - the revelation of who she was in Christ Jesus, the power of her prayers, and how they were answered. The result of the first shoe was the transfer of confidence into the Bride's heart - immediately she felt safe, loved and totally secure.

The second angel picked up the other shoe, and as he was waiting to put it on the Bride's foot. Suddenly, without feeling anything, the Bride realized both shoes were on her feet and she immediately felt the desire to run the race that she had once run.

The Bride stood still, as though she was waiting for instructions. Both angels simultaneously looked at the small table by the Bride's bed, and they stared intensely at the Bible laying on top of it, next to the Bride. The Bride picked up the Bible and it began to dissolve and melt, changing into the wedding band upon the Bride's finger.

And her word was so entwined with the Flesh that they become one. Then the Bride began to bend down in worship and adoration, for she began to realize who she was in Christ Jesus.

For the full version of "A Fresh Anointing for His Bride" click on this link

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ryan's version of "Our Story"

Recently I asked Ryan to write our story for this blog. Here is his beautiful account of a God orchestrated journey...

Lack of faith, discontentment, striving, settling, wondering, seeking and finally abiding in His presence.

You hear it said when you stop seeking you find. Behind this thought contentment in the Lord reigns. Is it true? Can you find pure joy in the Lord? Is His word true? Does he fulfill the desires of your heart as you pursue and put Him first? Is it realistic to think a relationship with Him is more than enough?

Oh, the spirit of comparison settles in and tells you to hurry and step into a place where you appear normal to everyone.
After an amazing God encounter, I entered into a relationship with the Lord that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. The world has grown strangely dim, as I learn more of his plans for me to prosper in a dark world.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the Lord led me to a place of worship, a round table and into a limited conversation with a woman named CamieLee. Her name was unique, profession was unclear in my mind, and her sweetness filled the air.

My thoughts didn’t stir because I wanted what He had in store for me. As time traveled on, I entered into a small group where I would learn more about this woman named CamieLee. The way she held herself, the words of wisdom which fell ever so carefully from her mouth, and how her natural beauty started to become more noticeable.

Days and a couple of months passed by and a breakfast date with friends triggered my heart to consider this woman in a new light. Was it my flesh or could it be my wait was coming to an end? Doubt. Fear. Anxiety. To escape these feelings is to give God the authority He deserves. Many hours later this piercing conviction of how amazing CamieLee was burst forth into a first date.

I had been praying for an accelerated relationship for months and I knew quite early in this relationship that she had something I didn’t know existed. She had a respect for me without change. Is it possible to be real with someone and still be accepted? Our relationship became about God and not ourselves. How are we going to serve Him with our lives?
A few more months were torn off the calendar and August thirtieth rolled around. My love for this woman had taken on a life of its own. Best friend. Constant support. Companion. Wife? This became the day I would be totally vulnerable and profess my true love for the woman I could no longer resist.

The day was painted by God himself. Blue skies. Warm sunbeams. Lush surroundings. We were on an oversized, architecturally sturdy bench at the location of our first date so many days before. As we sat and conversed about our day, my voice shook and my thoughts raced. It was finally time for me to grasp the artistically engraved symbol and ask for an everlasting commitment. Thoughts exchanged verbally. Smiles cracked. Tears masked. The ring was placed on her finger and we walked away hand-in-hand. Thank you Lord for allowing me to enter the next phase of my life with the woman I will always love.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enchanting Engagement Pictures!!!

Ryan and I just got our engagement pictures taken on Sunday by our friends Jen and Gabe of Hillebrand Photography. Despite my constant sneezing and sniffling they were able to have fun with us, capturing some great moments!!! The shots were taken at Cranbrook, an enchanting setting with endless gardens, a Greek theatre, an art institute, and most importantly... the location of our first date and the spot where Ryan proposed!

Below are instructions to view the pictures...
Click on and enter the site. Click "Client Viewing & Ordering, " click on our engagement session, enter name, email, and create a password and you're in!

Thank you Jen and Gabe for being amazing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't go flower crazy!!!!

I think brides go overboard on flowers. Yes they are beautiful, but to spend over a thousand dollars to adorn everything with flowers just for one day is absurd to me. Maybe it's because I have a little minimalist in me but I think it's classier to be simple and elegant. Share my concern? Here is a much more personal and practical alternative...

During the numerous bridal showers you'll have, collect the trendy ribbon from your gifts. Collect the ribbon that has a width of at least an inch and a half. A day or two before the wedding go to the grocery store with one or two of your bridesmaids and pick out some simple spray roses. I'm planning on getting white baby spray roses for that simple fresh cut look. Using the collection of ribbon, I am planning on wrapping the stems and securing it with a vintage pin. This would be a fun thing to do with a couple of the bridesmaids because each ribbon and pin can be matched to a maid! The end result is a much more practical choice, plus you get an eclectic look to go with the varying personalities of all your girls!!!

I am pretty sure I will enlist a helper for my bouquet though. I love seeing a mixture of textures and lots of greens. Something with green orchids may suffice. I would still find a neat vintage brooch and pearl pins to accent it with. As far as other flowers go... there are no more. I have no desire to have flower centerpieces, garland, boutonnieres, or any of that extra junk when there are so many other alternatives to explore!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Shoes

I stumbled upon yet another wedding detail that brides can have fun with...the shoes!

White is already the color of your dress and veil so why not add some spice and flare to the mix? Here is what other brides have done to reveal their quirky personality...

Because our ceremony and reception are outside, I don't want to wear heels that will sink into the ground. If anyone sees any cute ballerina flats let me know!

For the post-wedding photo shoot Ryan and I are doing, I've picked up cute teal pumps similar to these ones...

These are my second choice...

Just an idea

So I was thinking about an alternative to the cheesy ring bearer pillow when I stumbled upon this...

I would obviously make my own since I'm taking a ceramics class.

For ours I want to write "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon 6:3"

I also thought it would be better to tie the rings on with twine.

What do you think?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet the Nearlyweds

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Videography Alternative

Ryan and I decided we definitely want to have a video for our wedding. But not just any video... a vintage montage that resembles an old style motion picture.

I'm thinking about getting a couple photographers to take the photos on burst and then after the wedding I can edit them and create the final piece... for a better idea of what we envision check out this link...

(Thanks Koral for sharing this with us!!!)

Bridal Blooper

You can't expect a perfect ceremony, who would want one either? Perfect is boring. This video highlights one bride's most memorable moment during her "dream come true" wedding! Check it out!


Hey everyone! Welcome to my humble little blog! I thought it would be fun to start a blog that highlighted my wedding planning for the next several months! Because I am finishing up school, I have been super busy and haven't had a chance to connect with friends and family about wedding details. As I post please please please feel free to comment. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and your recommended dos and don'ts. I am also going to be posting ideas for the many recently engaged couples I know that want a unique unconventional wedding so your ideas will be warmly embraced!