Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't go flower crazy!!!!

I think brides go overboard on flowers. Yes they are beautiful, but to spend over a thousand dollars to adorn everything with flowers just for one day is absurd to me. Maybe it's because I have a little minimalist in me but I think it's classier to be simple and elegant. Share my concern? Here is a much more personal and practical alternative...

During the numerous bridal showers you'll have, collect the trendy ribbon from your gifts. Collect the ribbon that has a width of at least an inch and a half. A day or two before the wedding go to the grocery store with one or two of your bridesmaids and pick out some simple spray roses. I'm planning on getting white baby spray roses for that simple fresh cut look. Using the collection of ribbon, I am planning on wrapping the stems and securing it with a vintage pin. This would be a fun thing to do with a couple of the bridesmaids because each ribbon and pin can be matched to a maid! The end result is a much more practical choice, plus you get an eclectic look to go with the varying personalities of all your girls!!!

I am pretty sure I will enlist a helper for my bouquet though. I love seeing a mixture of textures and lots of greens. Something with green orchids may suffice. I would still find a neat vintage brooch and pearl pins to accent it with. As far as other flowers go... there are no more. I have no desire to have flower centerpieces, garland, boutonnieres, or any of that extra junk when there are so many other alternatives to explore!!!

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